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Caracas airport timetable

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CONVIASAV02308Los Roques Airport (LRV:::VE)03:35
CONVIASAV02302Los Roques Airport (LRV:::VE)04:05
CONVIASAV04070Las Americas International Airport (SDQ:::DO) 04:10
CONVIASAV01016Santiago Marino International Airport (PMV:::VE)06:48
COPA AirlinesCM220Tocumen International Airport (PTY:::PA) 06:49
LASER AirlinesQL1990Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport (PZO:::VE)06:55
LASER AirlinesQL1940La Chinita Airport (MAR:::VE)07:10
Estelar Latinoamerica C.A.E4831Jose Tadeo Monagas International Airport (MUN:::VE)07:10
CONVIASAV02304Los Roques Airport (LRV:::VE)07:35
LASER AirlinesQL902Santiago Marino International Airport (PMV:::VE)08:08
LASER AirlinesQL2950Tocumen International Airport (PTY:::PA) 08:40
LASER AirlinesQL2980El Dorado International Airport (BOG:::CO) 08:40
LASER AirlinesQL2966Las Americas International Airport (SDQ:::DO) 09:40
CONVIASAV02306Los Roques Airport (LRV:::VE)10:05
Avior Airlines, C.A.9V1412Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (MDE:::CO)10:10
Avior Airlines, C.A.9V1216Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ:::DO)10:10
CONVIASAV05314Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO:::EC) 10:10
Avior Airlines, C.A.9V1420El Dorado International Airport (BOG:::CO) 10:40
CONVIASAV01382Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport (PZO:::VE)10:50
LASER AirlinesQL924El Vigia Airport (VIG:::VE)11:25
LASER AirlinesQL970General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Airp (BLA:::VE)11:37
Estelar Latinoamerica C.A.E4851La Chinita Airport (MAR:::VE)11:50
LASER AirlinesQL1914Barquisimeto Airport (BRM:::VE)12:07
CONVIASAV07810Toluca (TLC:::MX)12:35
Estelar Latinoamerica C.A.E4871Arturo Merino Benitez Airport (SCL:::CL) 13:10
COPA AirlinesCM222Panama City (PTY:::PA) 13:26
LASER AirlinesQL932La Fria Airport (LFR:::VE)14:55
LASER AirlinesQL906Santiago Marino International Airport (PMV:::VE)16:38
Estelar Latinoamerica C.A.E4813Santiago Marino International Airport (PMV:::VE)16:50
Air FranceAF385Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG:::FR)17:30
Avior Airlines, C.A.9V1090La Chinita Airport (MAR:::VE)19:09
Estelar Latinoamerica C.A.E4895A. Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD:::ES)19:20
COPA AirlinesCM225Tocumen International Airport (PTY:::PA) 19:25
Avior Airlines, C.A.9V60Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport (PZO:::VE)19:40
Avior Airlines, C.A.9V22Santiago Marino International Airport (PMV:::VE)20:09
Avior Airlines, C.A.9V42General Jose Antonio Anzoategui International Airp (BLA:::VE)20:37
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